My Process

All of my projects go through the same steps no matter if it is for print or interactive. It’s good to be flexible about deviations, but the key is to have a plan in the first place. Below I’ve outlined a process for developing illustrations to be used in a picture book or other interactive media. Although your project might be different, the basic steps still apply.

  • First we chat to determine if we are a fit for each other. This can be done over the phone or Zoom.
  • Then we determine what your project needs are. For instance, what mediums would work well and what format you would like the final delivery to be in (for example: iPad, iPhone, Web, Kindle, Print, or Video).
  • If both parties think it is a fit, I will then provide a quote for your specific project needs. Projects can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars to depending on the number of illustrations and the complexities of the illustrations or designs required.
  • The process is broken down into stages of development, giving you the flexibility to develop as much work as you like in your preferred time frame to match your budget.

Steps for Illustration

  • Thumbnails or Storyboards (determine all the pieces to be created and which elements are included in each scene)
  • Refinement of Storyboards
  • Final Image Creation (creating all images in preferred medium and combining into a final high resolution image)
  • Prep files for delivery or programming

Character Design

This has to be one of our favorite parts of telling a story: the creation of a character – whether human, animal, or object. It’s not uncommon to develop one type of character and end up with a completely different type of character at the end of the process.

Characters are rarely static – they dress in different clothes, and interact with different people and items. Sometimes there are many characters within a scene that have to work together visually.

Steps for Layout and Design for Print Production

  • Scanning or photographing and prepping illustrations for page layout and design
  • Type font selection and layout into designs
  • Layout pages in Adobe InDesign (this will provide the final file that can be uploaded to a print on demand service or sent to a traditional print house)
  • Proof and review all pages
  • Revisions to proof
  • Final file delivered in .PDF form ready for print.

We can make your stories come to life with visually compelling illustrations and fun, interactive animations. On paper, in an app, as an eBook or online – we can help get your story to your audience.


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