One of the things I love to do is produce books. The latest project I worked on was with a talented group, including writer Alan C. Elliott, Anna A. Kwai, and illustrator Evelyn Morgan. I was brought on the project to design and layout the book. Rescuing JFK: How Solomon Islanders Rescued John F Kennedy and the Crew of PT-109

That includes taking the script from a word document and illustrations in 300dpi jpegs and laying them out in InDesign to be sent to press like Ingram Spark or Amazon. For both hardback, softback, or ebook. This particular book is set in 6×9 inches for softback printing.

The design includes laying out how each illustration will fit on the page and how the text will flow around or through the image—chapter heading, call-outs, and page number designs.

I assist the writer or illustrator on how Ingram Spark works and help guide them through setting up their own publishing company. This way, they control their business and their books for all time.

Creative Cat Media’s Cindy Rodella-Purdy was indispensable in getting our project finished on time and of the highest quality. We were impressed by the creative ideas Cindy brought to the project and her expertise in not only designing our book but providing valuable information about how to make it the best-looking book possible. Many kudos to Cindy for her patience, expertise, and creativity.

Alan C. Elliott

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