Miss Muffet & Bitsy - A Snow Day

Published by Ten Story Books

Project Type: Published Book
Creative Roles: Book Layout, Design and Illustration
Media: Traditional Watercolor and Digital Character Design with Adobe Illustrator

Concept to Completion

The Stories

The “Miss Muffet and Bitsy” series kicks off with the introductory story, “Miss Muffet and Bitsy.” Miss Muffet is terribly afraid of spiders.  So what will happen when a spider shows up at her birthday party?  Will it be the worst birthday party ever? Join us for the first in the “Miss Muffet and Bitsy” series about friendship, working together, and making lemonade out of life’s lemons!

Then in book two…
Miss Muffet and her best little spider friend, Bitsy, love snow days. They plan the perfect snow party and invite all their friends, but what will happen when everything goes topsy-turvy? Join us this holiday season for the exciting second book in the Miss Muffet & Bitsy series!

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