Inspiration from friends and Mary Blair

Inspiration from friends and Mary Blair

It’s been awhile since my last post. Sketch day with the girls as always was fun and fantastic! Love sketching with the girls!


We went to the Irving Art Center in Dallas to see the Golden Legacy: Original Art from 65 Years of Golden Books. I was blown away! I loved seeing all the original art. There was everything from watercolor to digital on display. I didn’t realize how many illustrators had used combinations of watercolor and gouache. I am inspired to pull out my set of gouache paints and try something different!

Today’s watercolor sketch was inspired by a piece created by Mary Blair. Originally I was just going to sketch her work as I saw it, but instead I decided to be inspired by elements of her work to create what you see here instead.


Mary Blair’s work is below. This is the piece of work that I used for inspiration. I loved her use of shapes and forms and mixed perspective and non perspective. What really blew me away what how she used colors and her combinations of them. I would never think to make a goat green but it works! I am now a Mary Blair fan!

NCCIL, Golden Books.

I’ll be going back out to this exhibit with the North Texas SCBWI Illustrators First Thursday in March if you feel like checking out some cool art come on out and join us. Or try to get out there before the exhibit ends it is worth the trip!


Old dogs can learn new tricks

I love growing as an artist. I recently went to a conference and had two great critiques that got me to thinking about some of my techniques. I haven’t had a chance to apply everything I learned but you can see the difference in the example below.

Thank you Kelly Murphy and Laurent Linn for your recommendations. It was fun to learn something new and expand my world!

New Image after editsCindyRodellaPurdy


The process




The Original


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