Mommy Elephant and Baby

Mommy Elephant and Baby

A friend of mine commissioned me to illustrate these original watercolors for her daughter’s first child coming this summer. It was so much FUN creating these loving scenes of elephant mommy and baby! I love thinking that a little baby will see these on his nursery wall. 🙂

This is why I love what I do.

Elephants1 Elephants3 Elephants2

Old dogs can learn new tricks

I love growing as an artist. I recently went to a conference and had two great critiques that got me to thinking about some of my techniques. I haven’t had a chance to apply everything I learned but you can see the difference in the example below.

Thank you Kelly Murphy and Laurent Linn for your recommendations. It was fun to learn something new and expand my world!

New Image after editsCindyRodellaPurdy


The process




The Original


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