This year I participated in ArtCon13, also known as Art Conspiracy. I had participated years ago at ArtCon1 and ArtCon2. I would get super nervous about having to paint a complete painting in only one day. My good friend Jayme convinced me to put my name in this year. Since it was a random selection of 150 artists I figured I’d let the universe decide and I’d get over my fear by planning in advance. Below I show the stages of preparation I went through to get ready and produce my final painting. Due to personal reasons, I painted my painting off-site, but I did it on the specified day in the required 8 am to the 10 pm timeframe. I’m a big rule follower. Ask anyone 😉

Hope you enjoy seeing my process and I hope the new owners love it as much as I loved doing it.

Peace, Love, and Light Cin

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