For the last 4 months John, Jackie and I have been storyboarding, illustrating and programming a very cool e-learning project that we can now share with all of you.

Here is more about it.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the “Investing in My Future: Smart Decisions” online financial literacy course we’ve been developing for the colleges of the Dallas County Community College District over the past several months. This course is designed to teach valuable financial skills to the students of DCCCD, such as developing a spending plan, saving for long-term goals, and determining when to use credit. A custom interface puts hand-drawn and CSS-animated illustrations front and center, complimenting the course content which is presented as audio and text for accessibility. We are currently finalizing a Spanish version as well, to be available in the coming weeks. Funded in part by the Citi Foundation, DCCCD hopes that the course will be adopted by most of the faculty and incorporated into their curriculum so that every student has a chance to gain important insights into achieving financial wellness. While this course was developed for DCCCD, it is publicly available (and free!) for anyone who would like to take it, so please check it out and share with anyone you think might benefit from it!

Here is a sampling of over 1000 graphics that were illustrated for this project:


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