It has been a while that I worked with canvas and paints. I have all the good intentions to paint, but something always gets in the way. This year I decided that this will all change. I have a stack of canvases and a blank wall in my studio begging to be covered with art.

When I paint, I’m in a zone. I love when I’m in the zone. The place that I can only describe as pure joy. Nothing else matters when I’m there other than creating and going with the flow. That first color choice and first brush stroke are always the scariest. Is this the right color? Should I use this brush? How big should I make the monster? Then it happens. All the questions just float away on invisible balloons and I’m left painting in the zone. Pure Joy.

I hope this moment of a creative journey sparks something in your inner artist to journey into the zone.

Love and Light CiN


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