00 time to sketch crawlThis weekend we had our first 2015 North Texas SCBWI Sketch Crawl at the Dallas Zoo. It is great fun to get together with a group of illustrators and sketch the day away. We had a lot of ground to cover at the zoo, so we only spent 15 minutes at the most on a subject. These models loved to move! I have to admit that I added more details into my sketches once I got back into my studio. If you’re an illustrator or writer and are interested in a children’s book illustration group, check out our North Texas Chapter at http://northtexas.scbwi.org/ – we like to get out and have fun! If you’re in another part of the world don’t worry …SCBWI is an international group and I’m sure there is a chapter doing cool stuff near you!

Here are my sketches from the day.



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