Hawaii Draw and Drone

Recently my husband and I ventured to Hawaii to Draw and Drone. While John was gathering footage for his drone business, I "Urban Sketched" my way across the island of Kauai and Oahu. I have a tendency to be very tight with my illustration, so I took this...

Commissioned Work

Garden Illustration

Now that Christmas is over I'm excited to share a project that I worked on recently. This was a gift from a daughter to her mum, for the holidays. Her mum moved to the states from Australia and missed her garden. I took 32 source photos and composited a...


CiN at ArtCon13

This year I participated in ArtCon13, also known as Art Conspiracy. I had participated years ago at ArtCon1 and ArtCon2. I would get super nervous about having to paint a complete painting in only one day. My good friend Jayme convinced me to put my name in this...


New Coloring & Picture Book

Muffet Frische & Cindy Rodella-Purdy announce the release of their first ALL-IN-ONE Coloring Book and Picture Book: There’s A Bug In My Rug! FRESH OFF THE PRESSES AND NOW RELEASED: THERE'S A BUG IN MY RUG! UGH! There's a bug in my rug! Where did this crazy bug...


Sketching at the Kimbell

Had great fun sketching at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth yesterday with my friends and fellow North Texas Urban Sketchers. We also had a guest architectural illustrator, sketcher, and well known instructor Stephanie Bower from Seattle. After working outside on...

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